Can't connect my PC to an LCD TV via HDMI


Nov 19, 2012
hey! Something weired is happening to me,i'm trying to connect my pc with "my LCD Screen "Sony Bravia 32t400a"but all the time i'm having no signal idon't actually know whats the problem i first thought it was the cable but i tested it on my LCD monitor and it worked fine i then thought maybe something was damaged in the HDMI port in the screen but it works fine when the TV is connected to the Reciever , i've tried everything possible to fix that problem the strange thing is that i used to connect this screen with my ex VGAs a 560 ti & 5770 and they worked fine but now my new card "660 ti " can't connnect anymore.
I don't really know where is the problem but i doubt that the TV is not recognised by the PC cuz i used to saw a Sony Bravia label in the sound Conf. but know i see that the windows is not showing any sign of the TV while my monitor is recognised by the windows
I don't really now whats the problem i've tried millon things like changing resolutions changing sounds settings trying to download any driver for the LCD Screen but unfortently nothing worked
BTW i'm having Windows 8 right now !!