Question Can't connect my PC to the internet through the LAN port.

Apr 29, 2021
Recently my pc couldn't connect to the internet through the LAN connection to my router (Archer C6).

Then I troubleshoot this problem, later it shows me that there is no driver!

Later I went to the device manager to check if the driver issue. But I couldn't find the driver I had to turn on the 'Hidden Device' option. There I uninstalled the driver. I went to my motherboard's (Asrock B450M-HDV R4.0) official site for the LAN driver R4.0/index.asp#Download. When I tried to install it, a popup shows 'There is no controller for this device'.

Then I look up some online solutions, there I find out that I have to tweak driver settings but I don't have the driver now!

Later I find out that the port indicator in the motherboard is always on whether the cable is injected or not. :')

I already tried to install the driver in safe and reset my PC still the same problem! -_-

How can I end this problem!?

Sorry for my bad English.