Aug 5, 2012
I usually ask all my questions on a different forum but its a small community and on member suggested to come here. So here i go, my internet has been lagging for a long time so i decided to get an ethernet cable.

First I connect my ethernet cable into my motherboard and the other end into end of my modem. I take out the wireless adapter and I get no connection. I have my router plugged into my router. I get a solid orange light on my motherboard and a solid yellow light, with a blinking orange light. Ive tried taking out the wireless receiver but my connection dies.

Ive done this before when I first build my pc before I had a wireless adapter. So my could I have gotten a wrong ethernet cable if there is one? or should I unistall on my wireless adapter software

Thank You
First, check the device manager and make sure your network card is installed with no errors.

Second, the way you are describing the connection is a bit off. You say you connect the computer to the modem. And then say you have your router plugged into the router. Need to explain things a bit better. A home network, in a basic setup, will have the router connected to the modem and the computers connected to the router. Try that.

No way to know if you got a wrong cable because you did not list what cable you got. It's pretty hard to get a "wrong" ethernet cable anyway, unless you go a phone cable.