Cant connect Repeater with base router of FTTH connection,, plz help..

Feb 8, 2019
Hi, recently i was using broadband connection with Phone landline, i shared connection with my neighbour, it was 100% perfect with same speed:
I used 3 routers,

1. First is main Home router with broadband ISP

2. 2nd TOTO link for Bridging with main ISP’s router

3. Third one is TP-LINK for wifi connectivity via LAN from Repeater (TOTO link) - reason for third router is to maintain same WiFi speed as main ISP router, without 3rd router ToToLink cannot provide 100% speed, like your ISP’s downloading speed is 10MB then it only gives 5mb. So i seperate their works into 2 routers. 1 for catch and 1 for provide WiFi And the speed was outstanding 10MB

**Now to the point..**
I recently switched to Fiber to the Home (**FTTH**) connection, they took 3 weeks for deployment, ok then on final step their agent came to my house and installed their FiberLink Modem which has no Wifi built-in so connected the TP-LINK router via Ethernet from FTTH Fiberlink device.

The agent set my **TP-LINK (wr340G) **router in **PPPoE **mode and entered their provided user name and password

And then i started the same process of repeating sysem like previous broadband
On 2nd Repeater **(TOTO LINK) **it connected successfully.

But third router for maintaining 100% speed was showing limited connection sign and not giving any service..
The method was 100% same as i done with my previous landline broadband.
But with **FTTH **third router is not working..
Please help me.. its very difficult story but millions of thanks if someone sort out my problem,