Question Can't connect to 5ghz

Apr 17, 2019
So...i am sure this has been asked countless times but here i go!

As title says i cannot connect to my router's 5ghz wifi even though in the past i was able to.There is not one solution that i haven't tried using that i found on the internet:factory ressetting,disabling security on 5ghz wii,wps,allowed my pc's ip to connect to 5ghz in my router settings,changed SSID and password so i know that i am not just getting it wrong every single time and changed adapter settings to no avail.

I think it should be worth noting that my router always,ALWAYS goes to a dfs channel if i let it on auto and my adapter can't see the wifi unless i select a channel manualy.Also tried using the dongle on a laptop that i had laying around(with dual band wifi mind you)and it displayed the same behavior, i am about to give up and buy a new you guys have any solution to this that i haven't seen yet?


Jan 29, 2008
1. It is possible 5Ghz radio on your NIC is burnt out or the antenna loose.

2. It is possible your router is set to "Auto" for the channel selection, and it's using a frequency your NIC doesn't work well with. (I have this problem with my Roku Ultra wireless mode which doesn't support certain 5GHz channels)

Do you see other 5GHz networks? If you do, that rules out #1. If your phone as a hotspot mode and a 5GHz radio, you could test that and see if your NIC will see that device.