Can't Connect to AT&T DSL with Linksys Router


Apr 7, 2010
I can't get my Linksys Router (BEFSR41) to connect to my DSL modem (Speedstream 5360). Whenever I attempt to connect through the router's firmware, the error message I receive is either "LCP negotiation fail" or "Can't get IP address".

Here's a summary of everything I've tried.
1. I know the modem is fine because I can connect to the Internet directly to my PC using Windows to authenticate the PPPOE.
2. My DSL modem does not have a GUI or IP address so I know it's not a double-assignment issue.
3. I've updated my router's firmware to the latest version.
4. I've updated my router's IP address to just in case.
5. I'm using the same email address/password combo I use via Windows to connect so I know they're both correct.
6. I've rebooted, used ipconfig /release /renew a million times in the proper order.
7. I've verified DHCP is enabled on the router.
8. I'm unsure how to test the router specifically to see if it still works. However, I'm able to connect my 360 to my PC and watch videos.
9. All lights are the proper color and blinking as they should when connected.

I've scoured over any new information I can find to attempt to get this to work, but I've been unsuccessful for over a week. Any new information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Unplug power to the DSL modem. Connect modem to the wan port on the router. Connect pc to 1 of the 4 other ports. Plug in power on modem. Wait for it to initialize. Plug in power to router. Wait for it to initialize. Turn on pc and connect to router. Set connection type to PPOE and input log-in info.