Can't connect to


Dec 17, 2010
This is really pissing me off.
Every time I try to download ANYTHING from IE9 says that it can't connect. This site is the ONLY one that it can't connect and as I said before its really pissing me off.
The funny thing is, is that when I took my computer round to a friends place and connected it to their internet it worked PERFECTLY. Right now I'm trying to download xp mode for windows 7 and it does all that validation stuff then when it tries to connect to to download it, it can't connect?! I repeat this does not happen with ANY other site and this ALWAYS happens on the microsoft site. After troubleshooting the problem using the windows diagnostic tool it said that it couldn't connect to the DNS server. WELL WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?

Can ANYONE give me ANY suggestions AT ALL?

PS - I'm running win7 ultimate 64bit


Dec 6, 2008
My First thought was to try a different web browser like firefox or something, But it is work on a different network, then I don't think IE9 is the problem.
You can try changing to a different DNS server,
Got to Control panel --> Network and Sharing Center --> Change adapter setting (top left) --> Then double click on the network card that is giving you internet (I am guessing Local Area Connection) --> then go to Properties --> then Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) properties.
Click on the circle to highlight Use the following DNS server addresses. And put in the box next to Preferred DNS server. Click ok and ok again. Now try Microsoft downloads again.
If it doesn't work change that Circle thing back to Obtain DNS server address automaticlly. is on of google public DNS servers in case you were wondering.

DNS server are what translate name in to IP addresses, like, a comptuer has no Idea what the a is, so it ask a DNS server and it tells you computer google ip address.