Can't connect to DVR via Internet


Jan 13, 2013
Hey guys, I've got a bit of a problem here, I'm trying to set up some security cameras for work so we can view them remotely via the internet.

I'm using a sierra wireless aircard which is connected wirelessly to EDIMAX EW-7438RPn N300 Universal Wi-fi extender, the Wi-Fi extender is then connected by ethernet cable to the DVR.

I am able to access the DVR and view video via local connection ( But we're trying to run through using the host name which is updated to my external IP address if it changes at any point.

Reading through the DVR manual and settings on the DVR itself, it uses these 4 ports:

Mobile Port: 18004
Client port: 9000
Http port: 80
Intranet: 8080

I have attempted to forward these ports on the sierra wireless, but when I use It says the ports are closed.

I cannot connect to my DVR though either the client or web browser via

I also attempted to connect my DVR through my home internet on the weekend and noticed that the DVR connected through "" but I had a different problem, it would take me to my routers home page, even though I had already port forwarded.

Is there anyway I can fix this problem and get it all working wirelessly with the config I'm using? What do you think the problem is and how should I go about fixing this?

DVR model: Techview, Model No QV -3032


Jul 7, 2009
Your port 80 requests for HTTP are going to stop at your modem if you have the router configured to allow for remote management, Disable that on your router or switch it to not allow unsecure remote mgmt requests but only HTTPS if you think you may want this access. One thing you can try is to put your DVR ( in your routers DMZ which will help it to not block any ports just to see if you can get it working. If you do those 2 things and still cannot access it, Some other device along the way is blocking those ports