Question Can't connect to my external cameras now that I switched from Rogers to Bell

Aug 20, 2020
Hi. I was with Rogers. I have 5 external cameras all direct Ethernet to the security PVR. The PVR was Ethernet to the Rogers modem. i use gdmss and had 2 options (home or away), and it would allow me to see the cameras feed. Now that I have the Bell Hub 3000, I can't see to figure out the ports. I have successfully via the Bell admin IP, been able to see that this PC, the camera PVR, and other Ethernet devices successfully connected. From what I have read online, I need to open a port for the PVR so i can then access it via an app such as gdmss. I would also like to try to access the PVR via this desktop (can't seem to find the right program to do that). Been working on this for 4 days luck :( For the Bell modem i'm using IP: and have tried ports 80 and ports 37777 . When I try to connect always says connection failure.