Question Can't connect to specific wifi network

Mar 15, 2019
Hi, I have a matebook x pro (2018) I7 edition and starting a couple of months ago, I began having trouble connecting to the network I had been connecting to since I got the laptop in September of last year. I can connect to my home, and other wifi networks, but this one won't let me. For a while It would just automatically disconnect, then It wouldn't let me connect at all. Then for a while, If I simply reset my network card within Windows 10, it would work just fine. But even that method stopped working. I have updated my driver for my network card to the most recent, and have tried a multitude of other fixes. My ISP is Charter business and we have an SMC router. There are 6 wired connections and on a normal basis around 6 wireless connections. It is only my laptop that is having troubles connecting, as I'm able to connect using other devices just fine I'm at a loss for what to do, thank you.



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