Question Can't connect to the school internet

Sep 1, 2021
Background information: I have connected to the school network a few months ago. I did a clean install of windows a few weeks ago while keeping some files. I'm also on the latest intel wireless drivers.

Since school started my laptop doesn't connect to the school internet anymore. Usually when you connect it requires a password, but on my laptop, the "auto-reconnect" is already checked when you click on the network, and after clicking on connect, it's stuck on "checking network requirements"'. After 30 seconds or so it says "cannot connect to this network". I brought this up to the school and they couldn't really help at the time. I've tried updating drivers, network reset on windows etc. With my home network, it works perfectly fine, same with other networks, as a password prompt appears.
The school network isn't listed on manage networks, nor does it appear on CMD when you do the "netsh wlan show profile" command.

I'm confused if the problem is that windows somehow remembers the networks login info and that's why I don't get the prompt to enter the login info when I try to connect, or if its an issue with the schools network and there might be something I could request the administration to do to fix this issue.

Much Thanks.