Question Can't control RTX 2070 fans with any program (Qfan, GPU tweak 2, AI suite)

May 16, 2019
Card: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070
As the header says I can't seem to adjust my fans at all. I installed the card yesterday and everything is working fine but my fans are turned way to high and are making too much noise. the only time they idle is when I'm in the BIOS menu(motherboard is also ASUS) which they don't appear in the qfan control panel.
You are looking in the wrong place. You're talking about a graphics card. There are almost NO graphics cards that use any mobo tools to control their cooling fans. Almost all of them do their own cooling management within the card itself.

There ARE tools to observe and adjust the cooling system in the graphics card. Those are found in the software tools for the GRAPHICS CARD on its CD. Normally the tools on that CD that are used to install its device drivers also install the card management tools in your system. Many then place in the lower right corner of your screen an icon to access the graphics card settings tools. Usually among those you will find also the tools for observing card temperatures and managing its fans. For more detail, try reading the manual for the graphics card.