Question Can't copy big files to my external HDD in windows 10 ?

Mar 1, 2021
I used windows 7 and just recently upgrade my hardware and install windows 10.
I have many external HDD that all is work fine but when I tried to copy file that size bigger than 2 GB to my external it status will freeze and didn't progress.
I copy many files together about 100 GB in total is fine, but when try to copy one big file it's progress will freeze at about 20%
This happen to all I got many external and all is the same when I tried to copy big file it won't progress.

All of my external HDD is NTFS and working normally and I tried to use it on other PC it didn't have any problem.
I already update all my drivers but it didn't fix this.
I look for the way to solve this problem on googleand tried several way
any Idea? I even tried to reinstall windows and it didn't help.
Mar 1, 2021
what are specs of the pc?
what motherboard do you have?
Do you have newest bios?

Sata/USB built into win 10 so it might be chipset drivers as well.
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
MB: Asrock X570 phantom gaming 4
Memory (16 x 2) 32GB
I use the driver that i download from manufacturer website.


Win 10 Master
Could try updating chipset driver -

where did you get the win 10 installer from?

what drives are in the pc?

Does this only happen when copying to the external or Flash drive?

Try moving the data off the flash stick first, then clean and reformat it as shown here:

Now try copying files to it to see if that works, and if so do the same with the external.

Keep me posted on your progress as I will be here to help until the case is resolved.