Can't create new folder on desktop windows 7 64


Mar 25, 2014

I suddenly am unable to create a new folder on my desktop (win 7 64). It tells me "destination folder access denied". I can create new folders anywhere else (other folders), and can create new zipped folders, briefcases etc. I have only one user account, the administrator's. The problem arose before on another account. The solution seemed to be to delete that account, and use administrator, which worked for quite a while, but the problem just reappeared. I didn't download or install any software. I tried running this "
<[...] derfix.reg>
" and I ran malwarebytes. I even did a system restore to a point days before this re-occurrence with no luck. Any ideas?
The link leads to the forum index, so there's no way to tell what you tried.
Try resetting user permissions to default with the "secedit" command according to the instructions here. If that doesn't solve the problem, take Ownership of your own profile folder, even if you are already the owner.

If still nothing; Even if Malwarebytes did not detect it, it's not conclusive that a bug did not cause the issue. So try different scans: Start with your antivirus, do a boot time scan, next scan with an online antivirus, try other antimalwares; Super Antispyware, Spyware Terminator, HijackThis, ComboFix, AVG Antirootkit.

If the problem still persists, modify permissions to the C:\System Volume Information folder so the security programs have full access to the folder... adding Everyone to the security tab should grant full permissions to security programs. This is because virus and malware can copy themselves on the System Restore (SVI) folder, and since not even the Administrator has full access to that folder, there's a possibility security programs may be not be scanning it.

If that still doesn't detect anything, disable System Restore before scannning again with a new administrative user account, and also scan the Administrator profile folder.

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