Can't delete F: 'partition'


Dec 8, 2011
This 'partition' is listed in my local drives right next to my C: as F:, it is an exact mirror of the C: drive but I did not purposely set it up and I actually need it to be gone. I just happen to need to map a drive to F: for a program to work and I cannot find this elusive F: partition anywhere in my disc management software or in the two 3rd party programs I've tried leading me to believe that it may not even be a partition.

I only run one hard drive on this machine and as far as I know there is no raid configuration set up or possible, so I am very confused as to what this F: 'partition' is and how I can get rid of it, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It is most likely a Manufacturer's Recovery Partition, inaccessable, except to their recovery APP.