Aug 28, 2014

Hopefully someone can help. I have built my computer back up again after some time stored away. Thinking of building a new computer anyway but want to get this running first.

When I turn it on I get a message saying boot device failed insert media and press any key to try again. I done some reading online and I got suggestions to download windows 10 on laptop and put this onto a usb. This worked after some time from changing my BIOS to boot first with the USB. When I go through the installation it is very very slow (Don't know if this is useful information) compared to youtube videos I am watching of this. When I goto delete the partitions it says "error 0x80070017". I cannot format or do anything from this page. (Again this is taking 20 minutes between I click and the error comes up.

With some reading online I am not sure if this could be a faulty HDD drive, maybe it has been damaged between changes but I was careful so don't think this is it. Do I need to remove the HDD whenever I try to install windows again?

Also why I think the HDD is the problem is because when I go into my BIOS the hard drive is detected and when I try to boot off that I get "the boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors".

Feel free to ask for more info and I can help out. Need to get this fixed I have spent about 10 hours already and it is ready for the skip lol