Can't detect Graphics Card [ATI] after installing new OS


Jun 27, 2009
Okay, this has been a problem for weeks / months and I really want to fix this.

So I bought the Alienware m5790 (17") Mobile Laptop about 2 years ago. This computer has Vista Ultimate and worked great. After a while I decided I didn't like vista because it was so buggy, so I installed XP Pro on a new harddrive... Hooked it up.. Installed Drivers... Worked great.


When I'm browsing on the internet and scroll down the page it's "choppy" and it looks really bad. I looked at many forums and people said its a graphics card issue... update this and that. Which I tried! I went to ATI site downloaded the Catalyst but I kept getting a error that the setup could not find any graphics card, etc.

So I've come to the conclusion that my computer can't detect my graphics card and I'm totally lost. I don't know what specs I can post, but please tell me if you need to know anything for your help. I will be greatly thankful if this problem is fixed!


Aug 17, 2008
use the software that came with it should have drivers, if not go back to vista I use it yes its anonying but I haven't had much problemy with it infact I love 64bit seems to have pulled my comp out of its shell :D