Question Cant do a clean install of windows. Freezes on motherboard screen before boot.

Sep 2, 2019
Today i got my GPU for the system i was building. Previously, i had been using the onboard graphics to get the PC ready and everything was working fine. However, when i installed the GPU, and powered on the system it went into some sort of windows update and crashed and left me at a black screen , so i decided to try and do a clean install.

Everything was going fine on the install. It got to the getting devices ready screen and when that finished another pinwheel came on and it just froze.

I have tried reinstalling multiple times to no avail. I have tried running chkdsk and sfc /scannow and they dont find any issues. Whenever i try to reset the system i just get an error telling me the reset failed. I have also tried installing without the GPU and by unplugging both drives one at a time and still nothing. Just the frozen motherboard screen.

My best guess is that maybe the drives were somehow corrputed, but im not sure.

Can someone please help me with this? Im pretty desperate for help at this point .