Question Can't download anything off Internet. Using Win 7 32 bit, IE 11


Oct 14, 2017
Try something other then email downloads? If you have and it's actually every download, the computer may have just finished updating and needs restarting. If that doesnt work, you can always try checking for updates. Finally if that doesnt work uninstall wifi drivers and reinstall, if not wifi uninstall ethernet and download your ethernet drivers on your phone transfer via usb and install ethernet drivers
Mar 2, 2019
Actually it all started with Chrome Updating. Suddenly couple of days back my chrome browser was responding quite slowly, like taking time to load, websites taking time to load so somebody told me to update chrome. Once I start to updated it got stuck and I don't remember the message because I was pretty casual that no problem I will install it once more.

So I uninstalled it from control panel and starting IE-11 I tried to install chrome again. But each time it got stuck at the time of installing saying "Installation failed due to unspecified error. If google chrome is currently running , please close it and try again."

That is the time I decided to leave it and to move on with IE-11 as I had some important jobs to be done. But then I found the above mentioned e-mail attachment download problem and then to be sure I checked that whatever needed a download like Firefox installation or some video download nothing is happening.

I restarted quite a number of times and updated windows also.

If there is no more suggestions then I will try wifi, ethernet re-install.