Question Can't even boot up Windows 10 due to BSOD problems

Sep 12, 2021
I've been having BSOD problems ever since the Windows Updates of early August. Today they got really really bad.

Here's what they were like 12 days ago:

Here are the different kind of crashes I'm experiencing: (1) BSOD with a variety of error messages; (2) suddenly going black and restarting; (3) strange split-second screen patterns (static-y or plaid-like) before going black and restarting; (4) very occasionally, the Windows 10 Recovery screen upon restarting ( View:

The crashes started around the 13th and 14th, after I'd installed the most recent Windows Updates. After some googling, I uninstalled the Updates and I experienced no crashes or unwanted behavior for about 12 straight days. I planned on postponing the Updates until September in the hopes that the Updates would be safer by then. But a few days ago, when I stepped away from the computer, Windows decided to reboot and install the Updates again. Since then, the crashes have returned. They've been very bad today.
About 10 or 11 days ago, more Windows Updates seemed to stabilize the problem. On the recommendation of another forum, I started using Driver Doctor to update my drivers (drivers that Windows and the Nvidia website said were up to date ended up being not up to date). Apart from an occasional crash (every three days or so), it's been working fine.

Today I stepped away from my laptop and it reset itself, presumably due to a crash. After it came up, I updated another driver (I don't know which one). In the middle of this update, the laptop crashed (BSOD) again. Since then, I haven't been able to get it to boot up, with the exception of two times where Windows started up and then crashed as soon as I tried to do something, and one time where I got into Safe Mode and couldn't run Driver Doctor and wasn't sure what to do other than restart. For hours now, it won't even get that far.

I've tried all sorts of stuff within Automatic Repair > Troubleshoot: Startup Repair doesn't work, System Restore doesn't work, there's no system image to recover, Command Prompt works but I don't know what to do (chkdsk /r c: finds no problem and sfc /scannow crashes), Reset this PC > Keep my files doesn't work with Cloud download or with Local reinstall.

Most recently I used to create a Windows 10 installation flash drive, but when I boot from USB it shows a blinking cursor for a while, tries to start Windows, and then crashes (BSOD).

I'd like to give more information, but I'm not sure how, given that my laptop seems completely inaccessible. I'll gladly take pictures and videos, if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!