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Question Can't explain mysterious shut downs

Apr 18, 2020
I've been having an issue where my computer turns off when I'm away and when I get back I'm in the bootup screen and it says that my CPU overheated and to hit F1 to continue. I saw online people using HWiNFO for logging, so I downloaded it and ran it with logs for 30 hours until it happened again, and I've got some interesting results, but I don't really know what to do with them.
If you all can point me in the right direction on how to get help with this I'd be grateful. The salient data points as I understand them are right before it shut down. Interestingly, the Effective Clock went up a whole helluva lot before it shut down:

Core 0 T0: 31.8 to 532.8
Core 0 T1: 3.5 to 157.8
Core 1 T0: 51.9 to 453.3
Core 1 T1: 9.8 to 145.7
Core 2 T0: 50.9 to 394.9
Core 2 T1: 4.8 to 142
Core 3 T0: 18.4 to 265
Core 3 T1: 13.7 to 343 343.6
Average Effective Clock: 13.7 to 340.4
Core usage across all cores went up from 0 or close to 0 to somewhere between 5 and 16.
Max CUP/Thread Usage: 2 to 16.5
Total CPU Usage: .3 to 9
Core heat across all cores increases by 2 degrees exactly before shut down, from 77 to 79 or 79 to 81.

The Core Residency increases by a similar percentage to the usage.
Read activity, which was 0 before shut down, increased to .1%. Write activity which was periodically 0 and .1 or .2%, increased to .7% before shut down. Total activity increased from generally 0 MB/s to .031 MB/s before shut down. Write rate increased from below .05 MB/s to .808 MB/s.

Here's a link to the log if it'll help: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NostpbztDpEQbW1AeVu1UXeNTIyPPUsr