Can't figure out what to do with fan cables.



Hello, I´m trying to build a new computer and I have got all parts in place except for the fan cables! I have helped with building some computers for friends before but I have never done any works with fans so this is new to me.

I have an Asrock Extreme4 mobo and a CM Stryker chassi and I just cant get the cables from the chassi fans to make sense. I Know some of them are for power (which I guess should be connected to the psu somehow?) and some of them are for the motherboard.

The back and top fan both just have one 3pin cable each, what to do with these? And then the 2 front fans have one 2 pin and one 3 pin each, what to do with these?

Finally, the chassi itself (I think coming from the controller on the chassi) has three 2pin cables (called fan LED cables), two 3pin cables (called fan power cable), one 3pin cable that divides into two (called 1x200mm fan/ 2x120mm fan power cabe) and finally one 4pin (which I think is molex?)

The Mobo has three 3pin connecters called cha fan 1, 2, and 3.

I hope this makes sense, otherwise I will have to explain it some other way:) Would really appreciate some help!


If what is confusing you is that the fans have both a large Molex connector and a small motherboard connector, it is because they are designed to give you the option of where to connect them. You can plug the male Molex connector into any female Molex plug from the power supply. Or, you can plug the smaller female motherboard connector into any system fan header on the motherboard. Don't do both.

Connecting the fans to the motherboard will allow the BIOS to control their speed. Connecting the fans to the power supply directly will have the fans running at full speed all the time. Your choice.