Question Cant figure out which part of my system is giving me issues.


Jan 12, 2005
Upgraded to ryzen 5800x/asus rog strix e x570 mobo this last summer. From Day 1 I have had constant issues. I first had 32 gigs (8x4) Gskill trident pc 3200 Ram. When I put them all in, i kept getting several BSOD's. Formatted tried again, same thing. I tested one stick in each slot and found that when I had a stick in either of the 2 inner slots closest to CPU these BSODs would pop up. I can have stick in the outer 2 and its fine. Thought maybe it was my ram and bought 16 gigs of corsair vengeance pro pc 3600, but same issue. I also kept trying to clock my ram to its usable speed, but system wouldnt even post. Then in november I gave windows 11 and try, and out of curiousity tried doing everything again. still BSOD's on those slots but I can clock the ram now. Went bac to win 10 and ram clock still works good.

My vid card is an aorus 2070 super and since I have put it in the motherboard, my video card gpu is at full speed even when pc is idle, the fans dont kick in unless i use MSI afterburner and set them high and the rgb on the card doesnt come on at all. Ive tried the card in another system and same thing. Put my old vid card in my system and still got the BSOD's with the ram switched

I bought the motherboard from memory express over a year ago and wasnt able to get the cpu until this last summer. I took the motherboard back there and they did a 10 day test on it, they couldnt not replicate my issues. Now its past store warranty I would have to RMA it if thats the case.

Im sure my vid card is screwed and have a new one on the way. But with the BSOD's and the memory issue Id like help to know what could be the cause? was it my vid card, could it be the cpu? I need to know what I need to replace because right now I can do one last upgrade/part switch for the next year and a half. Wife and I planned next 20 months of goals to acheive and I wont be buying any parts until then. This is my last chance to have a stable system for next 2 years. Ive added the 4 most common BSOD's I was getting. Yes I have latest BIOS too.

Most common BSODs I get are following:

Stop Code: unexpected_kernel_mode
What failed: amdppm.sys

Stop Code: page_fault__in_nonpaged_area
What Failed: Npfs.sys

Stop Code: system_thread_exception_not_handled

Stop Code: kernel_security_check_failure

System Specs
Ryzen 5800x
Asus RogStrix x570-e
Corsair vengeance pro PC 3600 16 gigs ( 2x8)
Corsair HX1000 PSU
Aorus RTX 2070 Super 8 gig vid card
1 x 1 TB WD m.2 pcie 3 SSD
1 x 250 Gig WD m.2 pcie 3 SSD
1 x Asus M.2 Hyper v2 expansion card
3 x 500 Gig WD m.2 pcie 3 SSD


Just for the sake of clarity, can you state which slots the rams are populating on the board? Your motherboard manual states populating slots A2 and B2 when working with two sticks of ram. As for your motherboard, are you able to get into BIOS without a lockup? If so, check and see what your current BIOS version is. I'd remove all SSD's except the one with the OS and see if the issue is slightly alleviated. As for your PSU, how old is the unit in your build?

Got a link to the ram kit used?

Did you manually install all relevant drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?
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Jan 12, 2005
Current Ram Vengeance RGB Pro SL 16GB DDR4 3600MHz CL18 Dual Channel Kit (2 x 8GB) 18-22-22-42

Previous RAM Trident Z RGB Series 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit (4x 8GB) 16-18-18-38-2N

My PSU I purchased summer of 2019.

I have done that with the SSD's in fact ive installed one at a time and put windows on each one to see if one of them was causing it.

My ram is currently using Slots A2, and A1. I know I need to use a2 and B2, but anytime I put sticks in either of the b slots is when I have the issues. I can get into the BIOS fine and my current version is 4021. When i first put it all together i did flash the bios to 4002 to make sure I had working one for the 5800 to run since I got mobo last year and it sit on a shelf whole time.

Always install drivers as admin. I should say, with just using the a1 and a2 slots, I can laod windows, play games and do everything i want but I know im not using it to full potential other than the GPU issue. Ive even pulled the CPU and inspected the pins to see if any bent, and none were to best i could tell.