Question Can't figure out why PCwon't load anythign with RAM upgrade

Aug 9, 2019
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Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my grandparent's PC with some new ram. Their Mobo is an MSI 2A9C, they currently have 1x1gb and 1x2gb ram sticks in there, and I've tryed to replace it with 2x4gb. I saw on Speccy that it sais their ram's max. bandwith is PC3 - 10700 (667MHz) DDR3 (And I don't know what most of it means honestly). I bought 2x4gb kingston hyperX DDR3 1600CL 10240 (Just giving you guys all the details I can, I just looked for a good brand RAM that was DDR3...)

So I tryed at first to simply put the two sticks with the rest, that didn't work, and got a weird visual glitch on the screen, then I tried with just the new ram, and nothing on screen (though fans did work), then with just one ram stick, and nothing still, then with one ram stick and one of the old ones, and I got a frozen windows load screen, like frozen on the first frame. Tryiend different configrations of the ram and trying on different slots and such, and nothing worked.

I don't know what the problem is, going to the HP site to update the BIOS, there's a HP utility that apparently can do it but it said all drivers are up to date, and I don't know if I made a mistake with the ram I bought, or the ram is bad or something I just don't know.
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