Cant find abit sata floppy files online


Oct 6, 2006
Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum to ask this. I am looking for the files to create a sata floppy for windows setup for my abit nf7-s2.0. I already have the board very long and passed it down to my parents but I now need to install a sata disk for them but I cant find the original floppy disk anymore and its impossible to find anything on the abit site. I can only find the windows sata driver on the abit site and google wasnt much of a help either.

Does somebody know where I can find the files?
The siliconnImage 3112 sata driver is listed under socket a; nf7-s2 on the abit usa website. I use my maxblast software to create a sata floppy, but you can just download the file to your diskette.