Can't find an old horror movie!

Nov 7, 2018
So I've been looking just about for 2 weeks for this horror movie, I watched 10 years ago and would like to rewatch it.

But I can't seem to find the title of the movie or ANY scene.

So, the main plot is..

A few friends jump into a car and drive, then they meet a man in a truck and this one girl flashes him bo**s. Then after driving a little longer a girl jumps out of the bushes runs over the road and causes them to crash into a tree ( I belive) . After that they find this house, in which lives a married couple of abominations which chase every single one of them in the house and kill them. ( The black guy died by chainsaw I think ) . After that only 1 or 2 survive and when they escape they discover the running girl over the road again and that's it.

I thought it was Wrong Turn 1 or 2 but it doesen't match up.

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