Can't find Graphics Menu or Bezel Compensation in Catalyst 11.5


May 23, 2011
I've got a Raden HD 5870 with two identical 19" monitors connected. The Catalyst help tells me that to enable bezel compensation I need to go to the 'graphics menu' or click the 'home button' but neither exist.

I can't find an option for bezel compensation in any of the other menus either. Nor are there any options to create a 'display group'.

I'm running Catalyst 11.5 which as far as I know is the latest version but I've been searching for hours and none of the online tutorials or screenshots I've found even seem to match what I'm seeing.

The only thing I can think of is that Catalyst for XP X64 is missing some of the features of X32.

Anyone got any ideas?



Aug 6, 2011
i do have a 3870 with dual 17" 1280*1024 display and i don't know how to enable bezel compensation in win xp with my diplays horizontally stretched... i am not using eyefinity


Sep 25, 2011

as far as i know, the only way to use the bezel compensation is to enable eyefinity and grouping at least 2 monitors together.

In the catalyst control center window click the "desktop management" tab to the left of the window, then click "creating and arranging desktops" from the list that expanded below. you should get a visual representation on your monitor set up to right in a gray box.

right click on one of them and go to "create a group" and click yes to continue. play around with the settings they give to arrange your eyefinity correctly so that your monitors are aligned properly. after you have set up eyefinity, it will ask if you want to mess with the bezel settings right above the gray window where the two monitors are shown.

i hope this helps. if anyone knows how to use the bezel compensator WITHOUT setting up eyefinity please get back to me