Question Can't find out what is overheating

Feb 11, 2020
Issue: So I just built a pc yesterday, and am encountering a crash where my pc screen will just go black and whatever audio was playing would glitch for about 3 seconds before being silent. Then the computer would stay on but with no sound or anything on the screen, or it will automatically restart. This is actually the exact same issue I had with my previous computer, which I fixed the issue by taking the side of the case off to stop the overheating. This is obviously not ideal but if I can't find what part is overheating I can't do anything else. Here is a download for the HWINFO log file I took that is 8 minutes long: (I turned on logging and then was only able to play for 8 minutes before the pc crashed) and couldn't find anything odd with the temperatures that were logged? I'm genuinely so confused as to what could be overheating. By the way that is 8 minutes of playing Minecraft, which is not demanding at all.

CPU - AMD RYZEN 5 3600
Memory - 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance (Dual Channel 2x8) @ 3200MHz (XMP is on)
GPU - AMD RADEON RX 580 8GB (Sapphire Pulse Model)
Motherboard - MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max
Storage - 2 1TB HDDs (1 Seagate, 1 Western Digital) and 1 250GB Crucial SSD
PSU - Corsair VS550
Case - Corsair Spec 05 (with stock fan blowing air towards the back of the case)