Question Can't find the perfect monitor. Need some advice.


Jan 8, 2009
I know there is no such thing, but Is there anything out there better than the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ 27? Also looking at the LG 34GK950F-B. I've never had to rack my brain this hard on a computer component. These monitors have so many different capabilities now and I want them all in one package. The asus seems almost perfect but gsync only won't work for me.

On a scale of 1-10 importance for me personally:

Really good response times that aren't fake (8 - i want to be somewhat competitive online)
HDR that isn't gimped (ie HDR400). Seems like the only real HDR worth having is HDR1000. (8 - I'd love to experience good quality HDR if I'm shelling out 1k for a display)
120-144 hz. (9 - i want to be somewhat competitive online)
Freesync 2 (9 - i need for this to work with nvidia cards and new consoles, amd cards)
Ultra Wide (5 - not that important i guess. Is it even possible to play 16x9 1440p on ultrawide? How does that work?)
Curved (5 - not that important i guess)
Good color accuracy for graphic design (9 - i will do graphic design, photo editing, 3d animation on it)
BLB that isn't terrible (7 - i can live with it if it isn't terrible)
IPS glow that isn't terrible (7 - i can live with it if it isn't terrible)
Halos that aren't terrible (7 - i can live with it if it isn't terrible)
Good quality local dimming (7 - i can live with it if it isn't terrible)

The only monitor that seems to have almost everything is the one I listed above. The problem with that is, it only has gsync. I just don't feel it's worth it only having gsync now days when nvidia cards now work with freesync. If you plan on getting new gen consoles or using xbox 1 x on the Asus you are missing out on freesync capabilities. I can't find a single freesync monitor out there that also has HDR1000, so there must be a problem with freesync+HDR1000.

I also don't know what it's like trying to play a game at 1080p or 1440p on a 4k monitor. Is the scaling going to produce a bad picture? I assume that 1080p would still be sharp because it's exactly 1/4 of 4k but I don't like to make assumptions. I do have a 2080ti but in my mind this is not an ideal 4k card. I have a hard enough time playing RDR2 at 1200p on my old Dell U2410 completely maxed out at a consistent 60 fps. Well, i can if i turn one single setting down one notch, water quality. For some reason turning that down one notch allows me 60 fps all the time, even if there is no water close by. I don't need to play all my games at 120-144 fps, but I do want the option for online gaming. consistent fps is more important to me than super high fps.

I'd buy the Asus right now if it only had freesync. I wish they had made that option available.

32gb 3733mhz
Dell U2410 1200p display
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