Cant fit motherbaord because of rear I/O panel


May 31, 2011
I am now building my first pc and have come to the part where i install the motherboard to the case, but i cant get the motherboard to line up with the standoffs. i know i have done everything right when it comes to where the standoffs are placed.

I think it have to do with the padding on the back of the I/O panel. Do i have to have the padding or can i remove it?

case: Haf X
Motherboard: Asus p8p67 evo

thanks in advance
What padding on the back of the i/o panel?

You snap the i/o panel into place in the cutout in the case. Then you slip the motherboard into place. The only problem may be that the little springy fingers on the back of the i/o panel may make that difficult. In that case, you just carefully move them out of the way.
the little fingers and sometimes you have to lift the board ( end by HD's ) a little and give a little push to get it to fit/sit right..... you installed it from the inside not the outside right ?....... and leave the padding there. i know what you're talking about.