Can't for the life of me figure out this blue screen. I need help :/


Oct 20, 2015
Hey there, I've had a blue screen problem for the past few months now, it's been very annoying, sometimes I won't get a bluescreen for a few days, then all of a sudden ill get 5 bluescreens in a row trying to launch into windows, I've recently replaced my HDD after if corrupted windows files so it isn't that, i'll post a minidump for someone to look at to try and help, thanks for your time!
.dmp file on Mediafire.
since you got a c0000005 error code you might want to confirm your memory timings with memtest.
(not much of a point trying to update the system to sp 1 if you are having memory problems and bugcheck every few minutes)
system was up 4 minutes, got a bad memory address given to a filter driver and bugchecked in the filter driver.

you are running windows 7 build 7600 (not a valid build any more)
you have one updated file installed.
\SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\amdide64.sys Tue Dec 04 01:49:28 2012

this might indicate that you have your system bios SATA mode set to IDE mode.
I would change the windows registry to install the correct driver. see these instructions:

you then need to get windows 7 service pack 1 installed (windows 7 RTM build 7600 is too old and has too many known bugs to run with the updated OEM drivers)

after you get the SP 1 installed then install your motherboard drivers: