Can't fresh install Win 95 on new HD


Nov 22, 2010
In view of the difficulties in having Windows 95 working properly in VMWare, because of the Windows protection error, I am now trying to clean install it in a new H.D. It is not going any better.
My new HD is 1000GB. Since I have no floppy drive, I insert first the MS-DOS 6.22 disc in the CD-ROM drive. Here I get to the DOS environment.
First when I type FDISK, it says I cannot create a DOS partition and it tells me a fixed partition already exists. So I get off FDISK. I reboot. Under A:\> I type format C: /s or C: /s/q or simply Format C:. It gives me “ invalid drive. No better luck with any other letters (“ D: “ , “R:”). So I am stuck. I don’t understand why I had no problems in installing Win 95 in VMWare, except for the Windows protection error, which keeps haunting me.
When I do A:\> DIR, it shows the full content of A:\>
Can anybody help me


You will continue to have a bad experience attempting to install DOS and Windows 95 on new hardware. You will have problems with DOS choking on a drive that it cannot understand how large it is, you will not be able to get sound or video set up properly, if your CPU speed is greater than 2GHz Windows 9x will not boot up, and you will likely need to reduce the memory to below 512MB.


Jun 17, 2011
I've read somewhere that MS-DOS 6.22 can only address so much HDD space. I know it's below 100GB so you're out of luck trying to install MS-DOS on a 1TB drive.

I agree with Ijack though. You CAN install MS-DOS/Win95 on new hardware, but it'll have to be cheap and under-performing hardware since that's a LOT more than what is needed for such an ancient OS. You will be better off buying "new" old hardware from the 1994-2000 years to properly run it. Any state-of-the-art hardware from 2003 and on is pushing it.

2GB max volume size using 32K clusters. NT raised that to 4GB using 64K clusters.