Can't Get 16 x 9 on HDMI HDTV with NVIDIA


Nov 15, 2005
I have an HP Pavilion M9040n with Vista Media Center and NVidia Ge Force 8400 GS. I have a regular PC monitor connected and an HDTV connected via HDMI.

Suddenly, HD video clips in 16 x 9 play at 4 x 3 on the TV. The image on the screen has black bars on each side. I have tried multiple resolutions and everything else I can find from the NVidia controls as well as what I find by right clicking on the desktop and choosing Personalize.

Some resolutions make the image smaller so there is a blue frame around the image + the black bars.

I tried installing the latest driver from NVidia, uninstalling the driver and using system restore to go back to when it was working properly.