Cant get a .SYS driver to install


Mar 21, 2002
I need to install the windows ME driver for a broadcom eithernet controller. The BCM5705. It comes with a config text file a security catalog and the driver itsself, a .sys file. However when i try and get windows ME to install the driver using the device managerm it dosent recognise it. Why not?


Apr 24, 2002
That's not the way a driver installation works.

Here's the best case scenario.

1. Hardware install - comp off.
2. Comp on - boot up.
3. ME detects the presence of the controller; "Add New Hardware Wizard" is up.
4. You specify the location of the driver files - which should include an inf (or oem) and the sys. These are normally on a cd or a floppy provided by the maker.
5. Search for the best driver.
6. Windows notifies you it has found the best driver - you hit Next.
7. Sometimes ME will want its' cd in the Rom drive as well.
8. ME finishes up, and you restart.

There is no way I know of to get a driver recognized by Windows by just having the .sys file. Hardware Wizard MUST have an informational file for Registry info.

Go to the web site for the controller and download the latest driver setup. It will have all the files necessary. Then try again.

In the meantime, disconnect the controller until you're ready.