Question Can't get computer to post or anything ànything

Mar 14, 2021
JJ xzOk so to start I should say a month ago or so there were some bad power surges off and on and yea I'm the dummy that didn't get up to check anything. So the next day I cut my rig on with these parts on.
Ryzen 5 2400g apu.
B350 Tomahawk mobo.
EVGA 550 psu.
Patriot viper 3200mhz ram.
Kingston SSd 240gb
So I tried to cut it on and the bottom 3 three lights on the debugger flash on then computer doesn't do anything. I have to unplug from wall to get it to just do that again. So I got frustrated and just started buying parts. New ryzen 2700x cpu,new B450tomahawk max2 mobo,new samsung 970 evo new 750 psu. Oh and msi radeon rx 570armor mk2 8g oc.

So built all new pc basically and it does the exact same thing. So I tried pulling the cmos batt. And that didn't help...any ideas would help. I'm thinking maybe it's a bios thing or something.


firt thing that jumps out at me is to have you verify that 2400g and the tomahawk are compatible, the motherboard may need a BIOS update to support that APU. the next is you did not list any RAM and a system will not boot without RAM. I'm sure you just forgot to list it.
first a word on Grounding
Canned Grounding Rant-
shut down system and remove side panel. with the power cable plugged into the PSU touch a bare unpainted metal area of the case. (my favorite spot is an unpainted screw securing the PSU) once you have grounded yourself you can unplug the computers power cable from the PSU and can touch the system.
if you move your feet, or shuffle in your chair, plug in the cord, reground yourself and unplug again.
end canned rant-

this is the new build troubleshooter, go down the list every step, step 17 is a biggie. the diagnostic speaker is the motherboard main diagnostic feedback device. it may be telling you what the issue is in the form of the beep pattern. in my system short repeating beeps means my RAM has an issue. check each board manual/website for their distinct boot beep codes, they may be the same.

if you need a speaker for the diagnostic use you can make one of your creative.
canned diagnostic speaker rant: speaker making 101
The diagnostic speaker is the motherboards main diagnostic feedback device.
the motherboard may be telling you where the problem is.
my speakers have this plug
I use lamp wire but any stranded wire will do. literally any stranded wires. strip one end like so
attach the stripped end into the speaker spring clips on the speaker.
the other end of the wire should be trimmed like so the semi strip, the blue one.
by doing a semi strip the wire case is now the socket.
plug one wire to the first pin, and the second onto the fourth pin.
power on the system and listen for beeps
end canned rant
Mar 14, 2021
Yes my computer ran fine off the b350 and 2400g. Till the power surges that they were plugged straight to the wall. Also the patriot ram from first build was used on second. The only parts I reused for second build were the Gpu ,Ram, and the Kingston SSd that has my windows on it. But I'll look at the list see if I can do anything cuz like I said it's like it just gets power for a split second
Mar 14, 2021
Also the boot,vram,and gpu lights all flash for a second and then off....I'm pretty sure board is getting some kinda power because the usb cd-rom kicks on and runs