Can't get crossfire working

missing string

Nov 4, 2011

I have a home build system with the following specs:

CPU: i7-2600k
GPUs: 2 x 6850
PSU: Enermax Galaxy 1000W
SSD: Crucial 128GB
HDD: 1TB Samsugn Spinpoint F3

I've browsed the net for hours looking for info on CrossFire and discovered that I *think* it should be an available option in CCC under "Gaming" which I'm not getting. I used GPU-Z to check the status, which status it was disabled. Checked mobo manual which stated not to use PCI x1 slot, which had an audio card in place, took that out, removed drivers, reinstalled with one card in place, shut down, put other in.

This is running AMD Catalyst 11.10

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to try because I'm all out of ideas (didn't list everything I tried but important stuff is above). This is my first multi-gpu rig so pretty inexperienced with this stuff.

Thanks for any assistance.
@OP, you shouldn't do CF with this MOBO.
The PCIE X16 slots Blue and Black one of them is routed @ X4 (black slot) which will bottleneck your CF performance.

Anyway, for how to run CF you put the GPUs in PCIE 2.0 slots, install the CF bridge between cards & hook up power connectors.

then you install the latest drivers, and run the option enable CF under the performance tab in CCC.