Question Can't get Dvi signal after windows finish loading

Jul 23, 2020
Hello, I have combed the forums and can't really get a solution to this problem; I have bought a display that only wants to display bios and windows loading, but after that: black screen.
The display is a Samsung SyncMaster SA450
I can detect it on my 2nd monitor, but not configure any settings in windows or nvidia control panel. Wierdly, it says it's connected with HDMI(which is obviosly not the case).
When i turn on my PC, first all the pre windows stuff are displayed on the monitor, then it turn black. If i connect another monitor with hdmi, the Samsung still shows pre windows stuff, but then i can log in on my other monitor, while the Samsung turns black
The VGA works fine for some reason, but I perfer GPU over intergrated.
I have tried connecting it to two different pc's with the same result. (GTX 570, GTX 770)
Safe boot does not work.
Plugging it into mobo DVI does not work either
Nvidia drivers are updated
Windows drivers are updated
Used the monitor to turn off fast boot in bios. It worked for somebody - not me.
The DVI-D(single link) i've used works fine on my other display, which is a Dell P2010H
The difference between these, as far as I know is the Samsung has DVI-I (dual link) and the Dell has DVI-D (dual link) input.
I'm so confused as to whether I should buy a DVI-D(dual link) so it's all the same, but i've read it should work with DVI-D(single link) or return the monitor to the seller.
Please tell me i'm wrong, or what to do.