Question Can't get eGPU to work on my Lenovo laptop ?

Jul 17, 2021
Hello guys,
Here's the deal...
I have my Lenovo 7i with an i7 11th gen cpu, 16gigs of ram and Intel Iris. As you can see this is not enough and judging by the forum I'm posting in you know what the deal is.
I have purchased a Sonnet 350 eGPU enclosure and have an MSI rx480 4gb sitting on my desk. The GPU is 100% working while on my PC but I can't seem to make it work on my laptop ?

When plugged in via thunderbolt 3 cable I can hear the sound windows makes when a USB is plugged in but no pop ups on the bottom right corner. I can't seem to find the msi card in device manager as well. The egpu enclosure lights up, gpu spins for 20 to 30 sec and then powers off. When I type "thunderbolt" in the search bar I can open this app/program that shows me that a device is plugged in one of the ports. It says sonnet blah blah blah and it says it's connected but I still can't find it.

Went to MSI drivers website to see if I can install drivers and make it work but they seem to have this weird auto detect program that finds the card for you and it simply refuses to find mine!

Please advise! It will be greatly appreciated.