Question Can't get into grub for dual boot.

Jun 16, 2020
I have a recent model of hp laptop "HP du1065tu"
With i5 10210u and a 512 gb nvme...
Today I tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for dual boot with pre-installed OEM windows 10..
I shrunk the C drive to get 100 gb unallocated for Ubuntu.
After installing Ubuntu with 30 gb for root, 6 gb for swap, and remaining for home and for boot loader, selected the root partition .. the system restarted and asked for removal of flash drive and to press enter... After pressing enter I just normally booted to Windows 10.. from then I restarted my laptop to get the boot loader several times.. checked my bios..saw that in its boot manager only the windows 10 was present... I've also tried easyBCD, but there the Linux option is greyed out.. though I'm not a technical guy knowing all this stuff, I just came across these terms such as grub etc. today itself.. please someone solve this problem.. it would make my dar..