[SOLVED] Can't get over 200fps in Csgo Amd Radeon Rx 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB

Jan 28, 2019
So i recently bought a new gpu called Amd Radeon Rx 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB (i used to have a Nvidia Gtx 960 3Gb) and i used to get like atleast a bit over 200fps in csgo (with low settings just how i want it) but now with my new gpu i can't even get Close to 200 fps (with low settings 4:3 res fps_max 0 fps_max 300).( I have tried ''Best Amd Radeon settings for csgo'' too and it hasn't really helped)

When i have fps_max 0 my fps goes up and down ranging from 70fps to 130 fps really fast so i can't clearly see the numbers. Is it because of my Power supply not making enough Power ( i Think it's 350 or 400w) or is it something else? if it is that problem can you please suggest a good Power supply that's not very expensive

Here's My Specs:

GPU: Amd Radeon rx 580 Sapphire Pulse 8gb
CPU: Intel i5 6400 2.70Ghz
MEMORY: Kingston 240gb ssd
POWER SUPPLY: Don't really know i think it is 350-400w
Yeah, you need a new PSU. The 580 is power hungry. I suggest a quality 550watt PSU from Corsair, Seasonic, or EVGA.

You should also do a clean uninstall of the 960 drivers. Use the DDU tool below in safe mode to remove the drivers.


Additionally, you are probably not gonna get better fps with the 580 because framerate is ultimately determined by the CPU. The GPU will allow for better textures and details. Playing at low, the bottleneck is all on the CPU. So if you want better fps, get a better CPU.