Can't get signal to monitor


Jan 17, 2004
I recenty finished assembling a new rig. I've got a K8T Master-FAR2 MoBo with an Athlon 64 FX-51 and a Radeon 9800 XT VGA. Turn the thing on and it seems to be working OK, only that the monitor isn't receiving a signal. The video card is seated right, it's getting power, but it ain't sending any signal. It's possible there's a problem with the VIA chipset, but even if there was I'd at least get a signal. This is my first rig I've built on my own, so it's possible I've made some greenhorn mistake, although I must have checked everything three times over. Any thoughts?
Download AGP drivers from VIA (if you have some other way of viewing/accesing the rig.

Intel board don't need it but AMD boards do (likely the case with FXs as well).

I would've thought it would give you basic vga functionality though.

Other than that Dunno. Always re-read instructions and look at every step you took, but hard to tell from here.

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Jan 17, 2004

Just put together my first DIY setup and had the same problem. Agonized for 5 hours trying everything I could think of. Finally found a series of posts on my MoBo site (Abit) that talked about reseating the RAM. Did so 6-7 times before it finally locked in - viola!!! Machine made it through the POST and gave out the beeps, and the screen came to life!

Hope this helps. Let us know what happens.


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Do you have the extra power cable connected to the card? Are you sure it's seated all the way?

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