Can't get Skype to work with Audigy 2ZS platinum


May 5, 2005
My installation is perfect, followed it to the letter, and I can get perfect audio recorded with other programs, but when I attempt to use it with skype for some reason the input from the microphone does not come through.

since nothing at all seems to help, I'm convinced it must be some sort of incompatibility with the sound card. Anybody experience anything similar ?


if your motherboard has onboard sound, and you are running winxp, you can have both sound system running at the same time. I would then use the onboard sound for the mic and earphone.. you can setup that in sounds parameters..

Audigy card use some kind of non standard input that has some problems with some apps.. it tooks special drivers to have them working properly with ATI multmedia center software.. so it is maybe the same kind of trouble.

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