Question Cant get wifi to work


Jan 28, 2013
Recently installed Windows 7 on a computer where a drive went bad; I bought a new one. Have a gigabyte ga-990FXA-UD3 board. Used the gigabyte disc and loaded the drivers. Installed the info for my linksys wusB6300 wireless adaptor.
It connected to the internet. I did a couple Windows updates and started on other updates when I lost internet connection. I did a reconnect and entered my password....nothing.
Router is fine. Everything else in the house is fine.
I would think it is either the adaptor or something screwed up when I did the windows updates. When I deleted and reinstalled the software for the adaptor the computer was able to find it when I inserted it in the usb port.. That would tell me it's probably not the usb port.
It sounds like a driver issue with your adapter. Odds are that if you go to the Linksys website and download the proper driver for your adapter and version of Windows, it should work. Windows update must just have a bad driver or something. It isn't unheard of for Windows updates to break things... unfortunately it is quite common.