Can't get Windows XP going on new PC


Sep 29, 2002
I built a new computer the other day. An AMD64 3500, MSI K8N Neo mobo. All other parts were taken from my old computer. It boots up fine but when it tried to get into windows, it just auto restarts instead. After it restarts once it tells me my computer didn't start correctly last time and now if I want to start in safe mode blah blah. Whatever I choose there it still restarts itself again. I didn't reformat my HD before putting it into my new PC, wasn't sure if it was neccesary. I tried to reformat on the new PC and its just telling me Error Loading Windows. So I try to reformat with windows98 (since thats always been my reliable way to reformat) and when I put in the 98 startup disk it says "I/O Disk Error". Any ideas?


Sep 7, 2001
I've run into that exact problem. The cure was to delete the boot partition and create a new one, reformat it, and then reinstall XP. If you don't delete the boot partition, it just doesn't work.

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