Can't get xbox 360 controller to work normally again

Feb 8, 2019
So a couple of years ago I bought a 3rd party wireless xbox 360 controller for PC gaming and it worked perfectly fine. However, not long after, I decided I wanted to be able to use it to control my cursor as well and searched for software to do that. I came upon a program called gopher360 and installed it, and immediately from there I couldn't get it to act like a normal controller again. I uninstalled the program and drivers and went through a bunch of attempts with no progress in solving the issue. I've recently decided to have another go at it, but I'm still lost.

What I've figured out so far is that the controller gets recognized as a mouse no matter what computer it gets plugged into.
When it's plugged in, device manager shows in "Human Interface Devices" a HID-compliant consumer control device, a HID-compliant game controller and 3 USB Input Devices tied to the controller. Also in "Mice and other pointing devices" there's a HID-compliant mouse, and in "USB controllers" it's a USB Composite Device.

Any help getting my controller to act like a regular controller again would be greatly appreciated!