Can't go Higher than 60 Fps On Borderlands 2


Jan 17, 2013
No matter what settings I put my Borderlands 2 on I can't get any higher than 60 fps according to Fraps. I play on completely maxed settings without Physx because I run 2 Hd 4870 x2's Crossfire. I tried puttin gmy settings lower for higher frames but nothing.

I know 60 fps isn't bad but i would like to know if my GPU is being bottlenecked by something

Here's My specs:

i5 3570k unlocked 3.4 ghz 3.99 ghz turbo
2 HD 4870 x2's Crossfire (2 gigs each)(Outdated but powerful cards)
8 gigs of RAM
750 watt PSU
Unless its a 3D capable TV all it can display is 60 FPs. Also if you can and you haven't already disable any post processing the TV does as you don't need it with a PC and it causes input lag.