Question Cant hear some program when switching speakers /WIN 10

Feb 15, 2019
Before someone ask:
I can say 100% that its all a problem in software and not hardware,everything works.

Today I got a new headset(USB SADES SA903)
Ater all trivia things(driver check etc...)
I started using it and all is good.
Now I'm tired of gaming(I bought this only for this) and want to watch some yt video whit my normal speakers,but here's where the problem arise.

I did the normal switch from one speaker to another in windows 10:
After I switched to"altoparlante 2"(my speaker),I could find all app BUT team speaker(its a program for chatting whit people).
I can verify that I cant hear any team speaker noise whit the speaker now,someone has a fix?

This happened whit every other headset I had used but now its a more serius problem because this headset its USB(I wanted to try one)and when unpluged I need to restart the pc to use it again.

Altought I think its a purely windows 10 thing(never happened whit win7)do you think maybe it could be a USB speaker switching to conventional speaker problem?