Cant install 64bit os


Mar 3, 2010
Hi guys,i just bught a new pc(amd phenom ii x2 550 be unlocked to phenom iix4 b50)and i cant install Vista 64 bit,nor seven 64 bit any help would be apriciated:)

Did you unlock it before trying to install the OS?, if so then put it back to a dual then install the OS and unlock again once the OS is up and running.
It sounds like you are trying to"Upgrade" an existing 32 bit installation to 64 bit.

That can *not* be done.

You must do a clean install by booting to the intsallation disc and overwriting your existing setup. Your existing date and apps will be consolidated and moved to a new folder named 'WINDOWS_OLD'. You may retrieve your data. You will have to reinstall your applications.