can't install drivers for xfi card or onboard audio


Apr 2, 2006
I recently build my own computer with an asus A8R32-mvp crossfire mobo and put an xfi soundcard that i got off ebay into it. Windows installed perfectly, all the updates and drivers for my other hardware installed and are running perfectly. However, i tried installing the drivers for my Xfi card and they would not install. Well they do install, but the wdm file doesn't. i have tried the newer drivers on creatives site to no avail and have done everything i can think of short of a complete reformat and reinstall. My comp recognizes the card and then searches for the drivers which i then give to it. It then finds the drivers and starts installing, However halfway through it stops and says error could not install hardware invalid data. It does precisely the same thing with the onboard audio. Would someone please tell me what is going on with this. Thanks in advance.