Question Can't Install M.2 because no mounting bracket for laptop

Mar 15, 2022
Hi everyone. So I have a MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator Laptop, and the issue I am having is that there is an M.2 PCI slot and a plastic cutout of where some sort of shield or mounting bracket should go. (Look Below for Reference.) I'm trying to install an SSD M.2 card specifically for gaming. I called MSI Parts department and they no longer make parts for my laptop. Obviously I can't mount an M.2 SSD card because it would just be free floating at a 30 degree angle and I can't mount it down because the is no centered screw to where the M.2 SSD card would be installed. They even tried to search the internet to see if there was a generic part on Ebay or Amazon and they had no luck. MSI sent me a picture on what it should look like with the mounting bracket. (I am going to post it below.) The only thing I can think of which is an absolute worst case scenario is some double sided heavy duty weather proof tape. (Gorilla Glue Tape weighted to up to 60LBs) but red flags are going in my head because of the heat M.2's put out. I know it all sounds weird but it will make sense when you see the pictures below. I searched up and down the internet for parts but I haven't been able to find anything. Can anyone maybe see a solution that I can't. I would appreciate the help!